Friday, February 7, 2014

World's First LG Gallery OLED TV

LG's unique proposition in positioning their newest product is working. At least for me. Think of it this way. What would you expect to see in a living room? In Asia at least, you'd most probably see a TV or a piece of art hanging on the wall. This TV does both.

This is not your ordinary TV even in terms of features. What's unique about this is its 4-color pixel technology and because of that, it adds a white sub-pixel to the conventional RGB colors. This enhances the color range and accuracy of the colors. Each pixel controls its own luminescence producing depth, tone and contrast ratio not possible before. Other notable features would be the TV's response speed which is over 1,000 times faster (vs LED TV) to allow blur-free fast moving scenes, perfect viewing angle which creates ZERO distortions and consistent contract in whatever viewed angle.

You can tilt it away from the canvas speaker to easily access the ports at the back.
Adding to it, this Gallery OLED TV is complimented by the LG Canvas Speaker. Minimalist in terms of design, the LG Canvas Speaker is behind the TV which also acts as a frame. But this is no ordinary speaker. It boasts a powerful speaker system that blasts refined sounds from two sets of speakers and two woofers.

Art by BenCab, displayed on the LG Gallery OLED TV
To tell you the truth, I wanted one when I saw it on display in Poliform where the LG launch was held. I immediately imagined that it would look good on the living room but for me, my main purpose is not to have a television in the living room. What I wanted was to display art rather than buying a painting to display in the living room. This way, I can change art pieces whenever I want without additional cost and storage problems! Actually, this is the idea LG wanted the consumers to have but in reality, not many people would buy this and make this TV as an actual art decorative.

LG partnered up with Benedicto Cabrera (BenCab) so they can display his 3 of his works on the LG Gallery OLED TV. People buying the TV will get the said artworks free INSIDE the gallery of the TV. Other masterpieces include paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and Pierre-August Renoir.

The best thing about this and the curved OLED TV from LG is that it is actually available, in-stock and for sale. According to the LG official who spoke during the event, competitors say that they have this technology and that but only LG has the stocks ready for sale.

Basic Specifications for the LG Gallery OLED TV 55EA8800
- Dual speaker
- Dual woofer
- Gallery mode app
- 4 color pixel OLED display
- Frame canvas speaker
- Smart TV with LG apps
- Full HD with ciname 3D
- 8.3 million sub-pixel color
- Time machine 2
- LG magic remote

As of writing, the LG Gallery OLED TV (55EA8800) costs around 450k pesos and the LG curved OLED TV costs around 499k pesos.

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