Saturday, October 11, 2008

Warning: Kidnapping rampant in Metro Manila!

Please warn everyone. I received a forwared text message and you know me, I hate forwarding E-mails or SMS if it's unconfirmed but this one is definitely confirmed!

The SMS goes,

It s time 2b vigilant once again as incidence of kidnapping on d rise. In Metro Mla, there r on average 3 incidents a week. Kidnappers r nw choosing togo fastbreak route closing deals bet. 500k-1M so they r now nt as choosy as before. pls pass
A reliable friend's friend relayed the information to me that there was an incident within Metro Manila that happened just a few weeks back. A cop car blocked the person and said that they were just going to question him/her. Unknowingly, they were kidnapping him/her already!

The said ransom was the same that was forwarded in the txt message.

Be vigilant! Police/Cops in the Philippines can't be trusted even before for a long time already!

Please pass this message!


Azrael Coladilla said...

i hate cops..
i dont trust them ever since when i was a kid

Cheftonio said...


Very good judgement! same sentiments here!

hindi ko na nga alam kanino magtitiwala eh.... haaay