Saturday, May 16, 2009

Red Ribbon Cookies and Cream with Oreo cake

Want to brighten up your day?

After being addicted to several Red Ribbon cakes over the years, I must say that this cake will make waves!

With all the problems in the world, this is the new cake that will brighten up every person's day! It's the Red Ribbon Cookies and Cream with Oreo cake!

cookies and cream with oreo
I will give you three very good and valid reasons why you should try this cake:
1. The sweetness level is just the right amount -- good for those who can't handle too much sweets!
2. It's so soft and yet, not hollow.
3. Just imagine - layers of vanilla and chocolate chiffon, chocolate cookies, and creamy cookies-and-cream filling!

Just thinking about the Red Ribbon Cookies and Cream with Oreo makes my mouth water! If I were you, I would not think twice -- go to the nearest Red Ribbon bakeshop now. as in NOW! See how that cake will brighten up your day?

I don't need to do that because as I am typing this, I am enjoying my second slice. :)

I often end my meals with something sweet. But for this Red Ribbon Cookies and Cream with Oreo cake, I can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Members of my family can testify to this. With or without special events, the Red Ribbon cake I give them brightens up their day! Much more, every special event, I give them cakes. This is the reason why this new Red Ribbon cake would be a great treat to them and as always, this will brighten up their day!

Since we are talking about cakes and memories, watch this video below...

2 comments: said...

Wow - breakfast, lunch or dinner! :)

red ribbon bakeshop said...

Can't wait to taste the new flavor of cake of Red Ribbon.