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Friday, July 25, 2014

Smart Bro Gadget Expo

Starting today until Sunday, head on over to SM Megamall Trade Hall C and check out Smart Bro Gadget Expo. It's sort of a gadget sale in one venue! Get up to 50% off on gadgets bundled with a Smart Bro device, join in on the all-day gadget raffle, 1-peso gadget auctions, and more! Some of the participating brands are as follows:

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Brand Used: Thinkware FXD700 Car DVR (After 6 months)

"Brand Used" is a series I created reviewing devices after they have been used after some time as some devices stop working the way they should after a period of time. You can also read about aesthetic wear and tears or maybe even more flaws that a buyer like you should be aware of. The essence of this series is to show you the quality of the product so you'd more or less know if the company creates sh*tty stuff or not.

After a lot of inquiries and comments from readers and friends, I'm happy to have recommended this car DVR to them. A bit pricey than most alternatives, I can so far confirm that the quality of this product is superb! Imagine, baking the car under summer heat, this car DVR is considered the first in line to receive the scorching heat after the windshield itself. I have subjected this device (not intentionally) to the heat for very long hours that sometimes, I cannot even hold the device itself -- and it still works! Nothing warped, no fades, camera quality still clear as day!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Brand Used: Personal Audio Device Collection Review (Divoom, Apple, JBL, tJays, Skull Candy, Banshee, etc)

Without even noticing, I just realized the other day that I have a lot of audio accessories/ speakers. I didn't buy all of them as some were given as gifts, tokens and some purchased. I get to use them in different situations but some of them are just there for display now, not because they're not working, but because I find some more convenient than the other.

Because I want to feature them here in my blog, let me do a different kind of review. Most reviews that come out are usually items that are brand new. Given that, of course, the condition is still pristine and near perfect so some flaws won't appear until you use it for a period of time. I've thought of this for some time now so readers can really see how something really works as some gadgets when brand new works well but fails to work the same way after a few uses. From now on, everything I review that is not brand new will be titled, "brand used". I'll just try to mention how long I've used it so people can expect the condition of the device after a period of time. To put things into perspective, I don't abuse "laspag" my items. Consider it normal usage and wear and tear.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fobo Max Wireless Tag - Personal Belonging Watcher Plus GPS Locator

Last year when I wrote about the Fobo Tag, a lot of people inquired through email and personal message about it. Most of the questions ranged from how to charge the device to how can it locate someone via GPS. If you want, you can first visit my other review before reading this one as I won't be repeating some of the information detailed there. Here's the first Fobo Tag review:

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Deezer: Currently the Largest Music Streaming Library in the World

With all the music streaming services out there, it's so hard to choose which one is for you. Deezer is one of them and let me give you some information in this review. This music streaming service has an app in almost all platforms that they said that it's easier to name the app where it is not available than it is. Speaking of availability, Deezer is available in 182 countries (Spotify is only available in 55 countries) and in terms of music library, Deezer is currently the largest and is the most diverse than ANY other music streaming service. We are just in the first paragraph.