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Monday, September 29, 2014

Free Photobook Deal on Ensogo - Limited Time Only!

I was browsing the Ensogo site and saw something for P0. Yes, Zero pesos! Technically, it's free and the fine print is fine with me.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fake Twitter Accounts for Black Ops: Does it still work?

It annoys me that I get an auto-reply from bots when I tweet something. It's okay if it's just neutral but there are times that companies resort to black ops against their competitors. That's the time I am annoyed. This is not the first instance I encountered this. It also happened when Smart launched Deezer early this year.

Friday, September 26, 2014

FREE internet for ALL Smart, Sun and Talk n Text Prepaid Subscribers! [Update: Free Facebook after 30MB on Smart, Sun and Talk N Text]

Earlier today, MVP personally announced that everyone on Smart, Sun and Talk N Text Prepaid will get FREE internet access until November 30, 2014. This is another first as Smart was also the first telco that offered free Facebook access last 2011.

MVP announced Free Internet for all (Live Blog)

MVP today announced that ALL Smart, Sun and Talk n Text subscribers will be able to access the internet for free. They are allocating 30mb per day for free.

Offer lasts until November 30,2014 and is a promotional offer only for the meantime. 

Postpaid subscribers are not included in this offer. More updates as we do live blog here.

Prepaid subscribers can literally do anything. Wikipedia, Spinnr music streaming, Facebook and post photos, even in Instagram. Video and torrent sites not included.

Goal is to develop internet usage as a habit. 

The 30mb volume is how they average each user will need. Free but not unlimited as advertised.

LTE and 3G network use is also included. 

They can extend the offer beyond November 30 depending if it is a success. 

Free Internet starts today for prepaid subscribers of Smart, Sun and Talk n Text.

If you exceed 30mb, you will hit a Smart pay zone informing you that you have reached your maximum allocated bandwidth. You will have the option to stop or pay and continue.

It will not affect postpaid and paying subscribers. They are prepared to handle the traffic coming from this offer.

66million prepaid subscribers but only around 20million has smart phones. Total free bandwidth per subscriber is almost 1GB a month. End goal is to stimulate the habit of using it. 

Mobile internet usage is growing around 70% and Smart wants it to grow further.

Will do a separate blog post about this announcement in a bit. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lamido: Buy and Sell by Lazada Philippines

Buying and selling online has been existing since way back when the websites just looked like texts with colors. There are international buy and sell sites like Craiglist and eBay or local sites like OLX and AyosDito. Lamido is the newest player of them all but this guy, although just starting, is backed by the Lazada group which is under the umbrella of Rocket Internet. They also own Zalora, Carmudi, Lamudi, Easy Taxi and other well-known e-commerce and buy and sell websites. Digging deeper, do you know that the Rocket Internet group founders gained visibility through successful investments in Groupon, eBay, Facebook, Linkedin, Zynga, etc? Yes, they are that stable and Lamido buy and sell is their latest baby.

Just like other buy and sell sites, well, you can buy or sell!