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Suzuki Jimny 2019 Photos and Details (Photo intensive)

Suzuki Jimny G Class rendition by SFD

A lot of car enthusiasts, specially off roaders are hyped up with the upcoming Suzuki Jimny. Even I, am tempted to have one. Have you seen those mods where the new Jimny looked a bit similar to the G Class? Amazing! Anyway, I was chatting with my Japanese friend and he sent me an email from Suzuki containing a LOT of details with the new Suzuki Jimny. Never have I seen such details with this new talked about mini off roader on the net. Have a look below!

(Some images maybe cut. Just click the image to view full size.)
Suzuki Japan officially launched the new Jimny and Jimny Sierra on July 5, 2018

Since 1970, Jimny has been known as one of the best light weight off road SUV

2.85 million Jimnys have been sold worldwide

Here are the 2 variants. Not sure if the Philippines will have all variants. The Suzuki Jimny and the Suzuki Jimny Sierra.

The frame structure that Jimny uses is the Ladder Frame Structure. This is also used by other known off-road vehicles such as the Toyota Land Cruiser, Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover Defender, Mercedes Benz G Class. The reason behind on why they use this structure is because it is easy to manufacture, less complex, durable, easy to fix, and can carry a lot of weight.

For All New Jimny / Jimny Sierra, Suzuki has attached an X-beam and single cross beams to improve the torsional rigidity of the frame for 1.5 times. They have also developed the new body mounting rubbers to improve driving performance.
3 Link Rigid Axle Suspension
Why do off road vehicles have to use rigid axle suspensions? Because this type of suspension can overcome higher obstacles or deeper dips than independent suspension. It doesn’t have swing arms which can hit the ground and has less joints which is easier to fix. However, it bounces more on rough roads. 

Part-time 4WD in small vehicles Suzuki Jimny has a part-time 4WD which can switch between 2H – 2-wheel drive at high speed, 4H – 4-wheel drive at high speed or 4L – 4-wheel drive at low speed (high gear ratio for rough terrains). When we compare 4WD with AWD (all-wheel drive) which doesn’t have the high gear ratio, 4WD can perform better in any rough terrains.

5-speed manual transmission, it comes with a new design that can change more smoothly and reduces its vibration with new joints.

4-speed automatic transmission which we can also choose the auxiliary gear to control part-time 4WD.
LSD (Limited slip differential)

Hill Hold Control and Hill Descent Control

Suzuki Jimny is classified as a Kei car ( 軽自動車-keijidosha). The engine displacement volume is less than 660 cc, the length of the car is less than 3.4 m, the width of the car is less than 1.48 m, the height of the car is less than 2 m and it can take only 4 passengers. 

There are a lot of advantages of Kei cars in Japan, such as lower tax, lower express lane fee, lower insurance cost, special parking spots in cities and lower fuel consumption rate.

658 cc R06A engine, with 3 cylinders, 12 valves and VVT air-intake system. Compression ratio 9.1:1 Cylinder size: 64 mm bore x 68.2 stroke. Maximum power: 64 hp at 6000 rpm Maximum torque: 96 N-m at 3500 rpm Average fuel consumption (WLTC mode) - manual 5 speed: 16.2 km/l - automatic 4 speed: 13.2 km/l (WLTC is the new standard for fuel consumption measurement which is more strict and accurate than JC08)

The dimension of Suzuki Jimny is limited by Kei car standard which the overall dimension cannot change much, except for 45-mm higher, 30-mm wider doors and 40-mm larger 2nd-row seats.

Jimny Sierra is another Jimny model for off road people who don’t care about taxes. Sierra will also be exported to other countries under different names such as Samurai, Escudo, Fox, Katana Potohar, Gypsy, Caribian or just Jimny.

1460 cc K15B engine, with 4 cylinders, 16 valves and VVT air-intake system. Compression ratio 10.0:1 Cylinder size: 74 mm bore x 84.9 mm stroke. Maximum power: 102 hp at 6000 rpm Maximum torque: 130 N-m at 4000 rpm 

Average fuel consumption (WLTC mode) - manual 5 speed: 15.0 km/l - automatic 4 speed: 13.6 km/l 

(WLTC is the new standard for fuel consumption measurement which is more strict and accurate


XG additional features:
· Front multi reflector Halogen fog lamp
· Fully automatic air conditioner
· Keyless push start system
· Electric retractable remote control Door mirror
· Smog glass

XL additional features:
· Dual Sensor Brake Support
· LED Head Lamp
· Head Lamp Washer
· Cruise Control System
· Door Mirror with LED Side Turn Lamp
· 16 "Aluminum Wheel

JL additional features:
· Dual sensor brake support 
· LED head lamp 
· Head lamp washer 
· Cruise control system 
· Door mirror with LED side turn lamp 
· 15-inch aluminum wheel

Niiiiiiice, right? Well, that's just the start of it. Wait until you see the mods done by some graphics artists on the internet! What's your guesstimate on the price of the all new Suzuki Jimny here in the Philippines? I hope that the TRAIN law won't affect it much because this will be one mini off-roader even non off-road enthusiasts would like to have! 

More info to be added here as we get it. Can't wait to see one in person!

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