About Me

Where did I get my username / pseudonym?
I started blogging in 2007 as part of my work. I didn't exert much effort looking for a blog name because I just had 1 criteria. It needed to be somewhat unique. Why? I needed to sign-up in a lot of websites, particularly forums and social media sites and I wanted to have a single username for ALL of those websites. I was eating popcorn back then, given to me by the interns under me. I attempted to translate it to Filipino and, Cheftonio was born!

I didn't think it was going to gain following and this was the only blog out of 5 blogs I made that time that got followers. To date, I still have a hard time explaining where I got the name because one, I am not a chef and two, my name nor any part of my whole name does not include Tonio. My blogger friends sometimes call me Tonio now and I honestly do not mind. Initially, I wanted to remain anonymous but after a while, it didn't matter anymore so I started posting photos of me and my real name can be visible in some posts I am tagged in.

What do I blog about?
Initially, this was all about politics. (Still not connected to the name Cheftonio, I know). But then, even though the politics in the Philippines is much more interesting than the actual teleseryes in the local channels (it has more drama), I got bored. I felt that it never really improved and the deeper I dig, the more skeletons I found. That is when I decided to shift to the lighter side of the world.

I write about Tech, Food, Travel and Lifestyle. It's pretty wide but this is more of a personal blog than a specialty/niche blog. Most articles here are not paid/ sponsored. (read more about sponsored posts at the end of the 'about me' section) Most reviews and experiences here are out of my own pocket. You'll know if it's a review unit lent to me or an event I attended.

Unlike before, I attend a lot of events. I was pretty visible. Now, because of my busy schedule not related to blogging, I pick my events and nope, it doesn't matter if I get something or not when attending an event. The important thing for me is that I like the actual experience and I have something interesting to write about.

If you are going to invite me to an event, feel free but I cannot promise I can attend because I am busy and I now have a family and a son on the way. If you noticed, I have a sole 'Parenting' category on my menu bar. Me and my wife manages that. If I do attend, please expect that I will be honest with what I am going to write. If you want a SURE positive write-up about something, do not invite me.

If I like a brand, not only will I share it on my blog. I will also share it with my friends and actually support the brand. My friends can testify that I am loyal to some brands and you can also feel it here in my blog.

Ads in Cheftonio.com
For the main page, this blog accepts banner ads as sponsors. To inquire about endorsements or advertising here, please contact me.

For the blog posts, opinions expressed in this blog are solely mine and will not be influenced by a company, an agency, an individual, an advertorial, a sponsor or others. Again, please expect that I will be honest with what I am going to write. If you want a SURE positive write-up about something, do not invite me nor attempt to do a paid insert or advertorial.