Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Alternative Medium: The Internet

The internet was used as a medium for different purposes. Advertisements, Commercials, Product launches, New stores, Current events, to connect friends, sell, purchase, gateway etc... i could build a list longer than this but it will take time. In this season of election, its also used for campaigning.

Different ways again to campaign on the internet, different strategies. Videos, Podcasts, Texts, Graphics, Arts, Flash etc... for videos, you tube, multiply and texts campaigns can be done on friendster.

A candidate should be creative enough to use this medium and not just rely on his campaign on tv, flyers etc. The candidate should also take advantage of websites like http://www.votester.com.ph because this is where people look and check what the users(like us) write testimonials about them. maybe we know a lot about them but, reading more from what other people write can make a big difference. im sure there is still something else we dont know about that someone.

try and visit the site and see for yourselves.


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