Sunday, April 8, 2007


Since i cant access for the past few days, ive compiled my last 3-4 days post into one post today. il just put summaries and you read the rest...

As i said, since its voting day is approaching, more and more violence will occur in the Philippines. naturally.

Black saturday event. a gubernatorial candidate in Kalinga who was shot at close range by an unidentified man in the middle of a campaign speech.

Kalinga candidate killed

This next one, im not sure if its election related because the body is still unidentified. for reference, Chop chop body

and last but not the least, how can you vote someone who hasnt even been placed a position, already broke a law.

Pichay, campaigning?

You cant vote for someone who breaks the law and hasnt even been elected. Chavit is another example. he gave money away and told his critics that he didnt know it wasnt allowed. ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

Tessie oreta also doesnt deserve to win. i really dread her commercial where she said sorry. she sounded like a big loser. i have nothing against these candidates and i only post what i saw.