Thursday, April 19, 2007


What did they say about the titanic? They said it was unsinkable? They spoke too soon. It sank. The new software Philippines purchased for the internet voting system has been declared secure by the government of Switzerland. It was acquired from Sctyl of Spain. Why do you buy something so expensive and not be sure about it and since everything is possible, it is prone to hacking.

What they are doing now is, they are inviting professional hackers to hack the system. That wont happen! IF they are professionals, maybe they would also help, but since, hackers, the name itself in nature, is not good, why would they help somebody else and get nothing. This would be their strategy. Send proposals to corrupt officials who wants to have additional votes in the election and ask for money. If you are in your right mind and wouldnt want to do bad stuffs, why would you hack? hacking is intrusion. In laymans terms, its like trying to get inside a house you dont own just for the sake of trying? what for? Me myself, wont ask somebody, to break in my house just to try my security system.

If that hacker is "good hearted" in nature, why would the hacker help a corrupt government. If they purchased something so expensive and not be sure about it, why did they do so?

Its so expensive, maybe because its not entirely spent on the system itself. You decide.

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