Friday, May 18, 2007

Dirty Harry is back!

Still a Senator, Lim will leave his position to serve as Manila's new mayor. Known for his "shame campaign", he will again revive his shame campaign against drug pushers when he assumes office.

"That’s the only way we could get rid of these drug pushers," Lim told reporters covering the national canvassing by the Commission on Elections at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City.

His "Shame campaign", implemented by spray-painting the houses of drug pushers in the community. He believed that through this strategy, the pushers would stop their illicit activities.

According to Lim, he intends to continue the programs of outgoing Mayor Lito Atienza that are beneficial to city residents.

"If the programs are okay, why should I not continue them? I believe in continuity of programs," he added.

Lim served as police chief of Metro Manila under former dictator Ferdinand Marcos and gained a reputation for being tough on criminals.

He later served as head of the justice department's investigation bureau before being elected mayor of Manila in 1992.

As mayor, he padlocked girlie bars and angered civil rights activists by marking the homes of alleged drug users, prompting accusations that he was abetting extra-judicial killings.

Go Lim!!!

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