Monday, June 18, 2007

When you thought it would end...

A NEWLY elected Nueva Ecija town mayor and vice-mayor were shot dead inside a cockpit in San Jose City late Friday evening. Killed were Alfredo Vendivil, the mayor of Lupao, and his cousin, Vice-Mayor Virgilio Vendivil.

Wounded were Michael Jordan, 8, son of a vendor; Manuel Vendivil, 47, barangay captain of Poblacion, Lupao; Wilfredo Solano, 52; Tito Collado, 37; Albert Olimon, 31; Armando Valiente, 51; and Marcelino Gulapa, 68.

The victims were in the cockpit, the Vendivils reportedly own, when at least three men fired at them with pistols, the reports said.

Vendivil was mayor for three consecutive terms. In 2004 he was elected as a board member.

Last May 14, he ran under the administration party Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats against the incumbent Mayor Alex Joanino and Nestor de Guzman.

Its been already more than a month after the elections and its not stopping. His enemy, if there is, might be behind this because he wins elections consecutively and maybe, someone wants to end that streak. as everyone knows, politcs in the Philippines is very dirty.

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