Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Eat and Run: Pasay city mayor

FORMER Pasay City mayor Allan Panaligan was accused by a restaurant of not paying the city governments bill of P60,418.

Dragon Gate Restaurant, on Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City, has been demanding payment for the unpaid bill for the past four months, according to assistant manager Veronica Dafun.

Dafun said the bill was for a dinner for 84 persons that Panaligan hosted on February 21.

She said she had gone to the mayors office five times to collect, but was told that the check was not yet signed by city treasurer Ofelia Oliva.

Dafun said she had also talked to Pasay Vice-Mayor Antonino Calixto, who promised that the bill would be settled.

Panaligans secretary, identified only as Jocelyn, signed the restaurant bill in behalf of the Missionary for the Doctors in Pasay City, according to Dafun.

The Times tried to contact Panaligan on his cell phone but he could not be reached.

Pasay City Mayor Wenceslao Peewee Trinidad said he would settle Panaligans debt if the dinner was an official city government function.

Panaligan was appointed mayor of Pasay in January after the Office of the Ombudsman dismissed Trinidad, his Vice-Mayor Antonino Calixto, and eight councilors over graft charges.

Trinidad was charged for allegedly approving overpriced garbage disposal contracts in 2004 and 2005.

While appealing his dismissal, Trinidad and Calixto sought reelection in the last election and won.

Panaligan ran for the citys lone congressional seat but lost to Lito Roxas.

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