Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Metro Manila on full alert: 911 and Erap verdict.

The police in Metro Manila went on full alert 8 a.m. Tuesday, the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack in the United States. The heightened security also comes a day before the promulgation on Sept. 12 of the Sandiganbayan verdict on the plunder case against former President Joseph Estrada.

On orders of Metro Manila police commander Dep. Dir. Gen. Reynaldo Varilla, police in all five districts were placed under full alert and instructed to keep watch over possible terrorist "targets."

In MalacaƱang, dzBB radio reported that police have set up container vans, barbed-wire fences, a 6-x-6 truck and makeshift tents to "secure" the Palace for Wednesday's event.

The Presidential Security Group had recommended that President Arroyo stay in the Palace the whole day Wednesday.

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