Monday, December 3, 2007

Bayani strikes again! MMDA to implement...

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will implement a single traffic ticketing system to apprehend traffic violators, dzMM reported Sunday.

The Metro Manila Council passed the ruling last week after a lengthy deliberation on the Metro Traffic Ticketing (MTT) system which will be used by MMDA traffic enforcers, local governments, and other deputized agents.

MMDA Chairperson Bayani Fernando said that the full implementation of the MTT system will take around a month.

MMDA traffic management and enforcement personnel would still undergo trainings before they could be deputized to use the system.

Local governments would temporarily use the Ordinace Violation Receipt (OVR) until the MTT is put in place.

The MTT would come from the MMDA only, and the said agency would have a copy of all traffic violation records.

Republic Act 7924 states that the MMDA is deputized to implement a single traffic ticketing system for Metro Manila, and that the Metro Manila Council should first pass the MMDA resolution for the approval of the said system.

from: ABSCBNNews


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