Monday, August 31, 2009

Search Engine Marketing Conference (SemCon 2009)

As a blogger, I want to learn more about search engine marketing so that in the coming elections, I could help spread REAL and AUTHENTIC news to readers rather and "searchers" than them reading paid posts to deceive people.

I am quite sure that blogging, as a powerful tool, can help shape the countries image one sector at a time. Right now, the industries here are one by one embracing the said technology and that is why attending the search engine marketing conference "SemCon 2009" is a must for them.

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If they haven't started exploring this kind of strategy just yet, attending the SemCon 2009 would be the perfect start to do so.

Some of the topics included are:
-SEO Ranking Factors for 2009
-Writing Killer PPC Ad Copy-
-Twisted Twitter Tactics
-Video SEO
-Extreme Local SEO Tactics.
-See the Big and the Small Picture using Web Analytics
-How to Measure Online Media Values
-20 Ways to Build Your Brand Online
-How to Run a Successful Internet Marketing Agency.
-How to manage huge sites
-Site clinics

To register or get more information in this years search engine marketing conference or SemCon 2009, please call Fiera de Manila at the following numbers: (02)8960639 / (02)8960637 and (02)8996216

You can also email or

Venue is at the Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City on October 1 & 2, 2009

Registration is just Php9,500 for two days!!!

Inclusive of meals and conference kits. BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE! if you sign up before end of the month, you will get discounts. Students can also avail of discounts.

SemCon 2009 is brought to you by IMVSolutions, Fiera de Manila and YugaTech.

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