Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Apple Products Turns Wants into Needs

After hearing and seeing the live demo of what the new features of the new Apple iPod products, it will instill a thought in your mind that, "you need it!". All the models, from the iPod Shuffle to the iPod Touch has some really neat features! Quoting from our speaker earlier, "As if we haven't put enough features on the iPod."

The iPod Shuffle
Here is a short clip from the Press Release:

SAN FRANCISCO—September 9, 2009—Apple® today announced that iPod shuffle®, the world’s smallest music player and the first music player to talk to you, is now available starting at just PhP 3, 290 in five great colors. iPod shuffle’s intuitive controls are conveniently located on the headphone cord, letting you navigate and enjoy music without even looking. With the press of a button, you can play, pause, adjust volume and switch playlists, plus the VoiceOver feature lets iPod shuffle speak song titles, artists and playlist names. The iPod shuffle is available worldwide today in a new 2GB model for just Php 4,390 and a 4GB model for Php 5,490, and both models come in silver, black, pink, blue and green.

“iPod shuffle is the world’s smallest music player and now comes in five great colors starting at just $59,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “iPod shuffle is so small that you almost forget it’s there, yet remarkably, it holds up to 1,000 songs and talks to you.”

In my opinion, the new features cover-up the iPod Shuffles LCD-less problem. In fact, you don't even need to look at it now because this small thing here talks to you! At a very affodrable price starting at 3,290, this is going to be one popular gadget that many will surely receive this Christmas! Knock you Ninong's door for this!

The iPod Nano
After buying a pre-owned iPod mini and selling it afterwards, just this year too, I bought my 2nd iPod. iPod Nano. It was pre-owned but I got it in a brand new condition. All stickers and protectors still intact, box still with plastic and almost zero scratches at the chrome-back. Today, I saw the new Nano and you'd definitely think that Apple has come a very long way to innovate new products and integrate several technological features in their products.

A short clip from the PR.

SAN FRANCISCO—September 9, 2009—Apple® today introduced the new iPod nano®, adding a video camera, mic and speaker to the world’s most popular music player. Music lovers can now shoot video wherever they are, view it on their iPod nano and use their computers to easily transfer their videos to YouTube. The new iPod nano features an ultra-thin and sleek design with a larger 2.2-inch color display and gorgeous polished aluminum and glass enclosure. iPod nano also features a built-in FM radio with live pause, as well as a built-in pedometer. The new iPod nano is available today in an 8GB model for PhP 8,790 and a 16GB model for PhP 10,490, and comes in nine brilliant colors including silver, black, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, (PRODUCT) RED and pink.

“iPod nano is the world’s most popular music player with over 100 million sold,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “And now we’ve added a video camera to its incredibly thin design, without any additional cost to the user.”

iPod nano now has a built-in FM radio with live pause Live pause lets iPod nano users pause and resume playing their favorite FM radio shows..** iPod nano also features Genius Mixes, which automatically creates up to 12 endless mixes of songs from your iTunes library that go great together.

iPod nano is also now an even better workout companion with the new built-in pedometer. iPod nano can keep track of your steps taken and calories burned, helping you meet your short and long-term fitness goals.

I mean, wow! Who ever though that such a tiny device can have jam-packed features! If you were just there, you won't leave without buying one. Really. If I didn't win an iPhone, I'd definitely get one right there and then (if they are selling it..)

But! before buying the Nano, check out the newest iPod Touch!

Here is the new iPod Nano commercial

The iPod Touch
SAN FRANCISCO—September 9, 2009—Apple® today announced the new iPod touch® lineup starting at the breakthrough price of just PhP 11, 490, giving users a great iPod®, a great pocket computer, a great game player and access to Apple’s revolutionary App Store with over 75,000 applications. iPod touch features Apple’s revolutionary Multi-Touch™ user interface, a gorgeous 3.5-inch widescreen glass display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a built-in accelerometer and speaker—all in an amazingly thin metal design that slips easily into your pocket. The 8GB iPod touch is now available for just PhP 11, 490, along with new models which deliver twice the capacity for the same price, with the iPod touch 32GB model for PhP 17, 490 and 64GB model for PhP 23, 490.

At lust less than 11,500 pesos? Wow! This device is almost an all-in-one device! I mean, this will take mobile browsing/ gaming/ and a tons of other possibilities into a whole new level!

iPod touch is a great pocket computer, letting users surf the web, do email, manage their calendars, organize contacts, and use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. With its award-winning Safari® web browser, iPod touch users can experience the Internet like no other pocket-size device. iPod touch comes with the latest iPhone™ 3.1 software including: Cut, Copy and Paste; Spotlight® Search to search across iPod touch or within Mail, Contacts, Calendar and iPod; landscape keyboard for Mail, Notes and Safari; remote lock for MobileMe™ and anti-phishing features.

See? Now, for rich ninong's out there or for those who wants to give their inaaanaks a gift that they will remember for the rest of their lives (no, really, they will. I will too.), go give them this! Oh! For parents, this device is really an all-in-one. They can be more productive with this. No kidding. So if you think your son/daughter has it all but they don't have this, then, this is the perfect gift!

Check out iPod Touch's newest commercial

My words won't give justice to the live experience I had earlier. The demo, the explanation, the gadget itself. With all the new features it has, it turns your wants into needs!

Family Picture = The Apple iPod Family

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Ian Oroceo said...

Apple® today announced the new iPod touch® lineup starting at the breakthrough price of just PhP 11, 490

hard to believe, knowing how businessman here in the Philippines monetized their products.

sad to say. to see is to believe.
but kudos to Apple for kick-ass products!

iPod Shuffle Prices said...

The new iPod shuffle releases really look good. They're so attractive together as they come in different colors. The ads are successful in enticing the people to buy ASAP.