Saturday, September 26, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy strikes hard and long

It's currently 730pm here in metro manila and the rain has been going on for more than 24 hours.

Since we don't have electricity, i will just blog some of my thoughts earlier. (I'm typing this whole blog using my mobile phone)

If this would be (exaggerated) similar to the movie, 'the day after tomorrow', are we ready to go?

I was pondering.. We are here on a purpose. We are just travelers and just passing by this place called earth.

Our purpose, is to help save many as we can.
Not in terms of search and rescue operations, but, through God's salvation.

I am a Christian, yes. In that sense, I am ready. But, the ultimate question would be, how many have you led to the Lord?

Going back to typhoon ondoy, my grandma's place would be one of the least possible places to get flooded. It is elevated enough that there is an approx 45 degree ramp for you to enter the parking area. Today, and as I am typing, their first floor is still flooded.

Nothing I can humanly do now but pray. All roads leading there from where i am currently is flooded.

Hearing and reading a lot of far more worst situations than what my grandma is experiencing now and i want to thank God for keeping my grandma safe. Im praying for the others too.

The skies are improving and the rain is backing down a bit.

I hope this continues and lets all pray for the safety and quick recovery of the Philippines because metro manila is still under state of calamity.

We definitely can't afford another 24hour rain with the few resources the Philippines has.

God bless everyone and keep safe!