Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby Quiz: Discover your child's gigil personality!

Do you know your baby's Gigil Type?

If you've been wondering about your baby's personality and what Gigil Type best suits him/her,

take this baby personality test to find out.

Also, there is an on-going contest!

This is very easy to do. Any mom or dad can do this! Win yourself a digital camera or digital frame to put in your child's memories!

Read more about it > Contest Mechanics

Why is it important to know your Baby's Gigil Personality?

Different types of babies respond to different types of Gigil Moments with mom. The more you know about baby's Gigil Personality, the better equipped you are to respond to his needs. You will also be equipped in providing the Gigil Activities that will make your Gigil Time with him extra-fun and special.

Knowing baby's Gigil Personality will help mommies choose the appropriate JOHNSON'S® Baby Cologne variants. These variants have fragrances that are designed to put you and baby all the more in a Gigil mood any time of day. With just a splash of JOHNSON'S® Baby Cologne, mommies can turn even the most ordinary times into extra-ordinary Gigil Times with baby anytime, anywhere.

With JOHNSON'S® Baby Cologne - it's Gigil Time na!