Friday, October 23, 2009

Jozu Kin, The Fort - My Personal Experience
The Ambiance
Upon entry, you would immediately feel that the place is an upscale place where one would usually wind down and relax after a hard and long day at work. This is achieved by the low-light and quiet atmosphere mixed with quality modern furniture.

The place might be familiar for some as it would feel like you were in New York. No kidding. It was the same feeling I had when I went there a couple of years back.

The price
As I said, this has the ambiance of a fine dining restaurant, the feel of a modernized Japanese restaurant in New York and quality furniture and cutlery. So, what do you think would the price be? Come on! Guess!

Well, it might come as a shock because, it's so expensive -- NOT!!! If you ask me how to describe the prices, I would tell you that, it's like eating in those Japanese restaurants proliferating the metro. Yes! It's priced not far apart from their pricing!

I actually can't believe that a restaurant situated in The Fort, with a premium name called "Jozu Kin - Japanese Gold" using quality furniture and fixtures would be priced that affordable. In short, do not judge the restaurant by where it is located and how it looks!

The Food
As a Japanese food lover, I cannot say that I am an expert and I might be biased since I love Japanese food. Ever since I went to Japan, I kept on comparing the food there from what I eat here and sadly, not many restaurants can be up at par with the real thing in Japan. (Food by Chef Jayme Natividad)

Here are some of the dishes we tried out:
| Maki Moriawase | Califonia Maki, Tempura Crunchy, Dynamite Roll, Philadelphia Roll and Futo Maki |
| Kin Salad | Japanese Classic (Cucumber, Kani and Mango with Ebiko) |
| Tartufo Hotate | Pan seared scallop with asparagus shitake mushroom and truffled brown butter |
| Maguro Tataki Salad | Sesame crusted tuna with light teriyaki vinigrette |
| Spicy Tuna and Salmon Skin Temaki |
| Kurokusho Pasta | Freshly crushed black pepper, olive oil, permesan cheese and black tobiko |
| Angus prime with teriyaki niiro sauce |
| Smoked salmon and fresh oyster |
| Matsusaka Gyu | Matsusaka beef traditionally seared on teppan |
| Ushi Ebi Sunburst | Seasoned prawns, strawberry, blueberry, apple, orange almonds with balsamic hachimitsu vinigrette |
| Pan Seared Foiegras | Honey glazed duck liver with mango-sushi rice and mango puree |

The Experience
I went there after a busy day and just want to eat some Jap food. Since it was new (opened just Sept '09), I decided to try it out. I love restaurants with superb ambiance like this one since it takes all the stresses of the day away! I felt relaxed by the low-lighting around it and the temperature inside was great. Servers were professional, neat and fast in responding to our needs.

Height of the table and chair was comfortably right. I just had the problem with the washroom as it was downstairs and can fit 1 person at a time, both M & F. Well, you don't go to a restaurant to check out their washrooms, do you?

Music was set to a movie-like-background-music so talking was great as we could hear each other clearly. Lighting was, as I said, dim, but bright enough to see each other and the menu, of course.

Cutlery was superb. No el-cheapo accessories to complete a fine-dining yet, very affordable experience.

The overall dining experience we had was superb!!! Near-perfect ambiance... Quality furniture and fixtures... Modern Japanese food with a mix of imported ingredients...
This is the way I wanted to spend my weekend and this is what I got exactly. What more could I wish for?

Try it out! (Info below from Clickthecity )

Jozu Kin

Forbes Town Center

Unit ES-2, West Crescent Park, Rizal Drive (Burgos Circle), Forbes Town Center, Fort Global City

Phone Number: (63 2) 403-1875


Ria Jose said...

I WANT TO TRYYYY! YUM-O! Salmon, oysters, angus, more, more, MORE!

Paolo said...

The angus looks good! I want to go there sometime, woohoo! :D

Trista said...

Wow! I was just looking for a place to dine on the 24th.. prayers answered! this place is perfect!

Noemi said...

I was just there yesterday and I must say that this restaurant deserves to be awarded as the best Modern Jap resto!

Anonymous said...

just had lunch there. bochog! LOLz

Anonymous said...

makes me crave for some sushi..