Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pinoy Big Brother "Double Up" Sneak Peak!

Philippine's Number One Reality TV Show is back!!!
Pinoy Big Brother Double Up updates secrets sneak peaks prizes

...and for some SNEAK PEAK on what we can expect in this uber-exciting season of PBB, here is some information from Direk Laurenti Dyogi:
PBB Double Up
Housemates profiles- introvert, extrovert, handsome, beautiful, and some housemates have a mixture of all characteristics.

According to him, This is not a talent search so, talent is not a major part of the criteria but instead, having a talent is definitely a plus.

Prizes in Pinoy Big Brother Double Up:
1. House and Lot (Convertible to cash)
2. 1million pesos
3. Water Refilling Business Franchise

As for the house, the property remains to be the same in terms of lot area. As for the floor area, we still do not know (talks around town say that, there will be 2 houses or 2 floors or what) For the moment, we are sure that the configuration inside the house is changed. Meaning, the living room isn't where it was before and the same goes for the rest of the rooms.

As for the cameras inside the house, the number is said to remain the same maximum capacity of cameras.

kuya bro banker who he really is
Many had been asking who kuya in Pinoy Big Brother really is. I've even tried asking "insiders" and they really do not know who he really is. Direk Laurenti Dyodi gave some clues though on the REAL personality of Kuya in PBB. According to him:
-Kuya has a lot of childrens
-Kuya is not the same as banker in deal or no deal and nor is kuya the same person as "Bro" in May Bukas Pa.
-Kuya is a singer (even more of a singer in his college days)

Another fact is, Direk Lauren doesn't know if Kuya has a wife and he is pretty sure that the ABS-CBN management will not allow the sharing of talents on the said shows.

This is technically the 7th Pinoy Big Brother here in the Philippines.
Pinoy Big Brother Double Up is the 3rd REGULAR season of Pinoy Big Brother.

We also know that winners MAY not necessarily become famous. Some housemates that became famous are:
-Sam Milby
-Jason Gaiza
-Sanjo Marudo
-Kim Chiu
-Gerald Anderson
-EJ (Katorse)

direk laurenti dyogi lauren
Direk went to Amsterdam to have the concept approved by Endemol and fortunately, they became excited with Direk's concept in the Pinoy Big Brother Double Up (galing!). Also, Endemol, the franchise holder of Pinoy Big Brother trusts us so much because we have one of the longest running seasons of Pinoy Big Brother in the whole world.

pinoy big brother october 4 cheftonio
For the hosts:

Mariel Rodriguez PBB uber
Mariel Rodriguez will host Pinoy Big Brother Uber

bianca gonzales double up uplate update
Bianca Gonzales will host Pinoy Big Brother Uplate and Updates
Toni Gonzaga will host Pinoy Big Brother Prime Time

This season, according to Direk Laurenti Dyogi will reach the Yuletide (Christmas) season and MIGHT even finish after the holidays. no confirmation if the Pinoy Big Brother Double Up will have 100 days but Direk said that it might even exceed 100 days!

In relation to the recent incident here in the Philippines where typhoon Ondoy struck the NCR and nearby provinces hard, Direk Laurenti Dyogi said that the housemates will be involved.

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Pinoy Big Brother Philippines Double Up


Carolyn 4 Ever said...

Carolyn is my bet this season. She got what it takes to be the PBB winner!