Tuesday, December 15, 2009

5 Tried and Tested Ideas for your baby's bedtime routine

Whoever invented the idiom “sleeping like a baby” has obviously never had to deal with baby bedtime. Think about it --- does your baby sleep well at night? Is it ever an ordeal JUST getting baby to sleep, and does the baby wake up very early, also waking the parent in the process?

Assuming you’re following a bedtime routine, are you sure you’re getting the most out of it? Here are a couple of ideas to ensure that you do:

Pre-set Bedtime – Find the best time for your baby to sleep. It’s always better for a baby to sleep AND wake early than having the baby sleep late and wake up fatigued and agitated. Most baby bedtimes are usually around 7-8 at night.

Dinner 2 Hours Before Bedtime – Make sure that you set baby’s dinner time 2 hours before bedtime. This leaves ample time for a full bedtime routine, and also leaves the baby not-too-full that he finds difficulty sleeping.

Comfortable Clothing – So you followed the steps to the letter, but the baby still isn’t getting the best sleep at night --- it could be clothing. A baby’s skin is much, much more sensitive than an adult’s --- the slightest discomfort could irritate the baby, causing lack of sleep. This also involves the blankets and the sheets.

Planned Activities During The Day – A baby can be so full of energy, so make sure that he follows a schedule on a daily basis for him to get adequate exercise and that he feels the need for sleep during the night.

Consistency – Finally, if you find the perfect combination for a bedtime routine, get the baby used to the idea that 6-7-8 pm is time when the bedtime routine begins, so he can get the queue and fall asleep on the right time.

Follow these ideas and you might just get the most out of your baby bedtime routine. Find more ideas for bedtime routines on Baby Bedtime Center.


Shawie said...

Thanks for sharing your tips on how to make my baby sleep.

I saw your site when I was searching for baby sleep tips on Google.


-Mommy Shawie