Friday, January 8, 2010

Bobson - Brand Reinvented
Bobson was established in 1987. It became a concessionaire of SM in 1989. Now, Bobson is one of the most promising lifestyle brands here in the Philippines.

You probably haven't noticed the changes Bobson did to their styles because of the cluttered market. Well, I will show you some of the latest designs they created and I must say that, Bobson TRULY reinvented their brand image.

Here are some of their NEW styles:

and just late last year - early this year, Bobson announced their newest line-up! They called it Series II (Series 2)

The name Series II is synonymous with Edgy, Progressive and Modern, with an emphasis on latest silhouettes, fits, and styles.

Series II is the RE-LAUNCHING of the highly successful 2005 R.E.D (Revolutionized Enhanced Denim) campaign of Bobson Denim bottoms. An innovative line that was launched onto the local jeans scene that created immediate following for its modified designs.


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