Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Snickers Game - A Good De-stresser (Candy bar + Game!)

Through the years, games have transformed in many different forms. I remember when I was a kid, games such as ‘piko’ and ‘patintero’ were the most played. As I get older, fast developing technology made its way and penetrated the gaming world – Red alert and counterstrike was very famous during high school days. And now, I believe plants and zombies rings a bell in every household as is it played by many, including parents!

Whatever game it is, it keeps us participants entertained. For children, it’s a break from school and for adults, a break from work. I must admit, it serves as a recess time (not for my stomach) but for my mind as I consider it a break for a few minutes (and not hours) – especially when I’ve just finished a deadline that brought me too much pressure. It keeps me relaxed and energized for the next set of deadlines that I’ll have to finish.


Recently, I discovered this game in www.snickersgame.com. It’s has pretty simple game play as you only need to score as many goals as you can, like soccer. This is done through the use of your fingers this time. Like most games, this can actually train your eye-hand coordination.


Pretty easy and fun to play,in my opinion. I’ve been playing for hours! What’s more interesting is that you get to win cool gadgets like iPod Touches and PSP’s when you get the top spot for the week. It’s actually a cool way to de-stress and win!