Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spirals at Sofitel - 300 dishes in a meal and counting!

For the past few weeks, I was constantly craving for an all-you-can-eat buffet here in the metro. although it was just a few weeks before my last eat-out-spree, this time, i was craving for something different.

buffet dining has evolved from just a simple eat-eat-eat buffet to something more innovative. Several innovations include smokeless-grill buffet, shabu-shabu buffet, teppanyaki type buffet and more.

My type of "different" this time isn't only about innovative eating. It's more of the number of dishes a restaurant can provide. This is where Spiral's is well-known for. Innovation + Variety!
With 300 or possibly more dishes in several different LIVE cooking stations with each of their own expert chefs, how could that go wrong?

This is also the place where I first experienced an ice cream that's being cooked.

Sofitel Spirals Teppanyaki Ice cream

Sofitel Spirals Teppanyaki Ice cream

Ice Cream Ingredients

Chocolate Fountain

Here are some of the must-eat items when dining on Sofitel:
1. Lamb Chops / Prime Beef
2. Fresh Seafood
3. Sushi! :)
4. Cheese section :)
5. Teppanyaki Ice Cream

Just by getting those above mentioned food is enough to fill you up already! For first timers, make sure to bring your appetite with you. This place can be a place for socialization but can also be a place for serious eating!

defining the meal you will receive here as a meal fit for a king would be an understatement.

See some of the photos below: (Right click and open in new window to enlarge photos)
Cold Cuts

Sofitel Spirals buffet
Japanese Section - Sushi! :)

Sofitel Spirals Buffet Seafood Section
Fresh Seafood Section

Chinese Section of Sofitel Spirals

Sofitel Spirals buffet Dessert

Sofitel Spirals buffet Indian section
Indian Section

Sofitel Spirals buffet desserts
More desserts!

Sofitel Spirals buffet Candy section
Favorite section of kids! Candies!!!

Sofitel Spirals buffet italian section
Italian Section

Sofitel Spirals buffet Cheese section My favorite!
One of my favorites - Cheese! :)

Sofitel Spirals buffet Dimsum section
Dimsum Section

For more information, visit their website: Sofitel Spirals


Padayon said...

Kamusta po kayo? Inaanyayahan po namin ang lahat na bumisita sa aming bagong website

Ipagpatuloy po natin ang positibong pagbabago, Padayon!

*MrsMartinez* said...

super heart ko ang Sofitel buffet!