Friday, July 30, 2010

All for one, one for all - LBC Evolves

The famous phrase best describes the collective culture of the Filipinos. While others work hard to earn a living for themselves, the Filipino migrant workers do so with the thoughts of their loved ones in the back of their heads. With the current harsh economic conditions, the family-oriented Filipino has chosen to work far from home in regions that would provide better financial opportunities for their families. And it is through circumstances like this that padala evolved.
Every Filipino is familiar with the concept of pasalubong. A small gift from a parent to his child as he comes home from a work, a small token from the mall given to a family member or a souvenir from a relative or friend who came from a trip out of town are types of pasalubongs that we have received growing up. These gifts are simple ways of reminding a loved one how much he is appreciated. Recent times has caused families to live apart for financial reasons. Hence, pasalubong is not sufficient to meet their needs and padala has become a bigger part of the Filipino family.
While pasalubongs are received upon arrival of the family member or family, padalas are sent from far away. These usually take the form of money remittances to be used for the daily essential needs with the use of services lik LBC Peso Padala, one of the dependable partners that one could have for these instances.
Padala has become an integral part of our culture. It has become a symbol of the love and affection between family as well as the achievement and success of our Filipino migrant workers.