Saturday, July 24, 2010

Success depends on the surroundings - Nestle

“The success of a business is tied up with the health of the society in which it operates” , says Antonio Meloto, the chairman and founder of Gawad Kalinga (GK).

The Creating Shared Value (CSV) forum opened discussions on how businesses can help improve societies by not seeing investments in social programs as cost but as opportunities to improve. Meloto, was invited to share his insights on how corporations and NGOs can work together to alleviate poverty and share his experience on how GK is able to create shared value between businesses, government, NGOs, and residents of GK villages.

A community cannot thrive without a source of wealth, job and income for its citizens. These are provided best by businesses which in turn cannot do well in a society filled with ignorance, criminality, poverty and ill health. With the help of those who can,  stronger, healthier communities like the GK villages help empower the poor because they are given a chance to can build homes, set up schools, start businesses, grow food, all the things you need for a thriving rural community. With these resources, they are more motivated to increase their income, live healthier lives, pursue an education, take care of their environment and their community.

Nestle Philippines is one of GK’s partners in building such communities. Their example should serve as an inspiration for companies to work with communities in building a stronger society that will overcome the challenges that the 21st century brings.