Monday, August 16, 2010

Be Future-Proof and ready - Home Solar Kit from Adtel

2 years ago, I already thought about the Ondoy-like occurrence - complete blackout, no communication lines, flooded streets metro manila wide! That is the reason why I made a list of things that is "future-proof". Have you ever thought that movies like Wall-E, I am Legend and the likes can be actually a reality in the near future?

No one would want to remember that as almost everyone was caught by surprise. Nobody expected such big damage to happen.The best thing to do now is to get ready. Prevention is better than cure, right?

Now that I found out about a new product, I would definitely want to add this Adtel Home Solar Kit to my "need" list. This is the perfect gadget/ kit to have that is future-proof and blackout  proof!

Haiti for example has poor building standards. With just one strong quake that struck them, almost a lot of building crumbled into pieces and chaos erupted. Without electricity and information from the outside world, having emergency solar power is critical to your survival. Manila better get ready since we here also have poor building standards. This makes having backup power, incase everything fails, a must have.Of course, training, awareness and presence of mind are equally important. Thank God, my brother is a medic-volunteer! He can use that home solar kit, as much as I can!
I've made so many blog posts about getting ready for the future and I think that having this cool gadget from Adtel, a home solar kit, is a very essential thing to invest on!

With that gadget, no more dark nights! Because when we have black outs, we have black outs! (Literally black and dark. See video below)

What can the Adtel do?

There’s the 40-watt Plug ‘N’ Play system, which includes an AM/FM radio, a multiport cellphone charger for Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson phones, and two 1.8W LED lamps. Adtel also has a cheaper five-watt option. The solar home kit includes a control box and a 2W LED lamp and can power a three-volt radio and a cellphone charger.

This is not a paid post nor do I sell them. As you can see, my other links above are mostly dated years ago. If you are interested, contact them directly at or more info, email Japs Batara at  or call 435-1804.

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