Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Warning: Twitter 'onmouseover' Bug

Someone's taking advantage of the 'rainbow tweets'. They are tweets that contains blocks of colour and this new malicious bug utilizes it to hide the actual content. Once you put your mouse over the "blocks" (see image below), you will automatically repost the same message and / or, a pop up will appear that will lead you to a malicious website.

twitter bug onmouseover javascript virus

The onmouseover is a javascript code and I hope twitter will fix this as soon as possible. This bug is currently spreading like wildfire as unsuspecting twitter users unknowingly pointed their cursors in the block text or just curious on what's written there, will make them automatically tweet it and the cycle goes on.

This is just new so there are still a lot of unsuspecting people, including me. This is why I blogged about it ASAP
It's safer to use 3rd party twitter applications as of the moment than www.twitter.com.

DO NOT USE TWITTER.COM for the meantime. You'll know you are infected when upon logging in, you have this shade of gray over your twitter page. Once infected, it will lead you to other websites.

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