Wednesday, April 17, 2013

StickyGram: Instagram Magnets

Last April 5, I ordered some Instagram magnets from StickyGram.
It arrived yesterday (April 17) via airmail from United Kingdom. It took just 12 days to arrive!!

Inside it, there's a coupon code written which I'm going to share with you so you can get $2 off your StickyGram orders! I wasn't able to use a discount so I'm sharing it with you guys.

StickyGram Coupon Code: FRIENDLD3X

Upon opening it, you'll see your order stuck together but with a perforated line so you can easily detach it.

...and, I immediately placed it on our fridge to add the StickyGram magnets to our magnet collection!

I had a few quotes printed and some inspiring scenery from the Philippines and Vietnam's Halong Bay.

Have yours printed too!

How to order your StickyGram (Instagram magnets)
1) Go to:
2) Log-in using your Instagram account
3) Choose your photos. 9 photos per set.
4) Fill in your shipping details
5) Put in your StickyGram discount coupon code: FRIENDLD3X (It's working!)
6) Check-out and Pay via Paypal or Credit Card
7) Wait for around 10~15 days to arrive at your doorstep!


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