Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blaupunkt Makes a Come Back - Car Audio and Personal Audio

Blaupunkt is a German brand established in 1923. It is a known brand a generation ago here in the Philippines and when the 21st century entered, the brand went silent for a bit. Among my peers, not a lot were familiar with the prestige and quality of it but I was one of the few who still stuck with them. It's a premium brand of car audio line and OEM in some luxury cars like BMW.

Here's my simple Blaupunkt sub woofer setup around 2005. In terms of looks, it's one of the best and in terms of sound clarity, the small size doesn't sound small at all! Good performance for such a small sub woofer!

Just last week, I attended Blaupunkts relaunch here in the Philippines. I even saw my friend who did my previous audio setup, C3 4x4. Good to know that they will still be carrying the Blaupunkt line. Here's the Hummer H2 equipped with Blaupunkt that day that Sanny of C3 4x4 did.

You can see that this huge APC-like vehicle has a small subwoofer. But mind you, as with my previous experience on my own setup, the sound from the speaker and subs were amazingly clear and deep. I wouldn't believe it was from that sub until I saw it firsthand.

Other than re-launching their car audio line (Head units, speakers and subs), they also relaunched Blaupunkt's personal audio line.

Out of all the Blaupunkt personal audio line, this one got my attention. The CN-112 is like comparable to a home theater system, only more portable. The bass were deep and the tingling sounds were clear. The time I tested it was in the launching event and the noise cancellation feature did really work! What I like about this is that you have the option to switch the ANC (Active Noise Control) on and off. In short, it'll still work even without batteries! It's a bit bulky though but it's comfortable.

Blaupunkt CN-112 uses 2 AAA batteries for the ANC feature
Blaupunkt Comfort CN-112
I'll be requesting a review unit and I'll let you know if this model is up to Blaupunkt's usual standard of quality. Excited to hear how this will deliver the highs and the lows plus the noise cancellation feature.

Waido Marketing and Distribution, Inc. is the distributor of Blaupunkt branded car and personal audio line in the Philippines. To get in touch with them, call 09175754812 or email

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