Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cafe 1228 Buffet at New World Hotel

New World Hotel Lobby
I was browsing through my "To blog" folder and saw some photos of our Mother's day dinner last May at Cafe 1228. I love the modern chic ambiance inside Cafe 1228. Full of red and black in one room and spanish-looking in another. Contemporary design with a modern touch.
Abstract carpet
Reminds me of a Spanish tapa bar
Red furnitures

Here's what we ate that night:
Sushi and Sashimi
Italian Pizza!
Salad area
Seafood area
Sauces and dips
Grill section
Chocolate carving made specially for Mother's day
Filipino desserts
More desserts!
...but wait! Don't be fooled by it. Let's zoom out first double check..

Do you see any signs or markings stating that it costs additional to grab those drinks? No. In Makati Shangri-La's Circles buffet, they have clear signs that states that you have to pay additional to avail of the bottomless drinks. Here in Cafe 1228 in New World Hotel, they just display it like that. Once you grab one drink, get ready to be charged P300++ for bottomless drinks.

What I didn't like was how sneaky they placed it there without warning. The waiter said that they informed the other guests. The problem is, what about the "other guests" who didn't hear what she said? Do they assume that when they warn 1 table, all the other tables will know? And when we asked to cancel it, they said they can't. Sneaky way to get people to spend more!

Let this serve as a warning for others planning to dine there. P300++ isn't much but I wasn't paying for the dinner and it's "pai-se" (embarrassing) for the one treating the dinner.

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Stan said...

been victimized before too. D naman ganun kasarap pagkain