Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Spatzle: Euro Market Cafe (Shangrila Mall East Wing)

After walking around Shangrila's new east wing, we decided to try out a new restaurant called "Spatzle". From the outside, it has this rustic feel which is the "in" theme nowadays in the restaurant industry. This one though made sure that  everything is well thought of, from the utensil organizer on your table to the hand sanitizer and even their table napkins are in theme. I love their tables as well and no back aches when I sat on their chair.

Utensil organizer
Hand sanitizer
Rustic texture of their tables. 
Service was also good as there was a waiter stationed near our table. Here's their menu:

Unique dessert list

The Food
I was able to eat a little bit of everything just to get a taste of each as we ordered one dish per person.

Pork Chops & Crispy Apples | Php 325.00
I wasn't able to eat the apple but my sister said that it went well with the pork chop. This isn't the first restaurant that I've tried serving pork chop with apples. The pork chop was okay. Nothing that couldn't be done at home.

Roesti Haus Burger | Php 350.00
 My mom got this. We had a hard time finishing this dish because the burger was super dry (not the brand hehe). It was okay when eaten with gravy on it but it was still dry. I will put my 'Roesti' comments on the extra solo roesti dish we ordered.

Roast Chicken Sausage on Mushroom Spätzle | Php 295.00
 My brother got this. He said that he liked it but I didn't and this dish was dry as well. It doesn't look appetizing too! The chicken was white meat and sadly, I wasn't able to taste whatever sauce it has when I tasted it. It's that dry.

Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Roesti | Php 370.00
Now this is my order. You can imagine the disappointment when this dish was served. I have no complaints with the smoked salmon. It's the kind of smoked salmon I can buy in supermarkets. It was good. The problem was the tiny serving. There was just 2 strips of smoked salmon and a whole plate of Roesti with egg. Very expensive for such a small serving.

Homemade Italian Meatballs | Php 298.00
 My dad got this. There were 1 or 2 small meatballs inside that bowl. He said that he liked the sauce but I still prefer Sbarro's tomato sauce. It was a bit dry as well.

Chicken and fresh mushrooms in cream | Php 320.00
My wife got this dish and this was I think one of the best dishes for the night. It might be because it was saucy else it would've been dry as well. I didn't notice anything special. in this dish as well.

Roesti Classic with Sour Cream and Lemon Wedge | Php 160.00
Roesti is a Swiss dish consisting mainly of potatoes. Almost all the dishes we ordered came with roesti so my sister who ordered the pork chop with apples ordered this extra order. This might be the only dish that is not dry. Yes, it was really crispy but it was swimming in oil! All of our roesti were like that. My brother and I usually get headaches when the food is very oily and we did have one after our meal here.

The Drinks
Mint Lemonade | Php 125.00
This drink is good and I recommend it. Refreshing and cool, I can imagine drinking this on a summer porch facing the beach.
Spätz Haus Iced Tea | Php 80.00
I usually ask first if the iced tea they serve is house blended or powdered. They said that it was house blended. I ordered. Didin't like it. Lacks taste.

Based on the furniture they used and the accessories inside the restaurant, I'm pretty sure that they have put a lot of thought in this. Sadly, the food did not do justice to how they look like. In general, most of the food were dry and bland. To put things into a better perspective, it's like putting your food in the ref and reheating it the next day. Not sure if that is what they do to improve serving time needed or maybe they are just in the soft opening stages? I'm not coming back anytime soon but I was glad to have tried it. Having traveled to Europe particularly in Switzerland where rösti and spätzle are famous for, it might have upgraded my standards one notch higher.

This made me miss Magyar more. Sad that it closed down already. :(

Spatzle Euro Market Cafe 
5/F East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall,

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