Friday, September 27, 2013

Choosing Your Wedding Suppliers

Because there are a lot of friends who are getting married soon, they have been asking around how to pick the right supplier for the wedding. There is actually no right or wrong here but its more on choosing the suppliers that you are comfortable working with and suppliers who you really trust. It is important that you have a good working relationship to be able to fully entrust them your wedding.

Here are a few things that we did prior to choosing our suppliers and I hope it will help you as well.
For weddings that you are attending, make sure to check every detail of each one of their suppliers - from here you will be able to determine which ones you and which ones you don't like.

Your coordinator should be someone who you can trust with your entire wedding - brides usually take this for granted, they didn't want to hire higher-priced coordinators because they have done most of the jobs, but to actually have a hassle-free and smooth wedding on the actual day is a different thing so paying a bit more for you not to worry on your wedding day is priceless.

In choosing flowers - it is best to visit a few reception venues to check out the floral arrangements. We are not telling you to gate crash! Haha but rather going there while they are setting up the venue so that you would know what kind of floral arrangement and which florist you actually prefer. Of course, it is best to visit you actual reception venue so that you know what particular setups that you wanted similar to your own reception.

Choose a good emcee - Your party will greatly depend on the content of the programme and how well your emcee delivers it. It is best to choose someone whom is good and experienced in the industry so that your reception goes smooth. 

Sound system - no matter how good your emcee is, if your sound system is not very good, guests may feel a bit uncomfortable especially when they are seated by the speakers.

Strings/Instruments - If you are the modern type of person, you might want to play modern songs and there are only a few strings who can actually do that so better check what genre you prefer and make sure they could play your favorite song before making a booking/down payment.

Wedding gown couturier - is a major supplier and I think grooms should understand that this plays a major concern in ALL weddings. Of course brides will definitely want to look their best and would want to wear the gown that is perfect for them. If you will be choosing the couturier who is famous in made-to-order wedding gowns, I think you wouldn't have any problems as they know very well how to handle specific concerns. As for me, I chose a couturier who has known us ever since I was in my teen years - he knows my style pretty well and he knows what design would bring out the best in me. 

Wedding Photographer and videographer - since you cannot see everything that happened during this big day, it is important that you choose the best people who could capture your memories and bring them alive the moment you look at the photos and videos. You can always check Vimeo and Youtube for their works prior to selecting the supplier that is best for you.
I know that there are a lot more concerns and there is no such thing as perfect wedding but choosing the right suppliers will help you lessen your burden in wedding preparations. Happy wedding planning! :)

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