Monday, September 9, 2013

Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset - SBH20

Recently, my dad came from Hong Kong and bought me this really cool gadget from Sony. A Stereo Bluetooth Headset (SBH20)!

He gave me this because he wanted me to be able to answer my phone without even having the trouble of looking for it inside my really messy bag -- yes, he's one cool techie dad I must say!

Although it might look like an Apple iPod Shuffle, this bluetooth headset really is useful in a lot of scenarios.

But first, pair your device with the SBH20. Switch on bluetooth from settings and pair them. For easier pairing, you can use NFC for NFC-enabled gadgets.

Things I find cool using this bluetooth headset from Sony:
1. Bluetooth connection from device to your phone enables you to answer calls even when you a few feet away from your phone.
USB Charges, Volume control on the side
2. You can also use this from one gadget to the other as this can be paired to multiple devices (but not connect to them simultaneously). You may need to connect/disconnect when going from one gadget to the other but at least, you just need to bring this small thing wherever you go.

3. Do not fret if you love your existing earphones/headphones because this gadget can be used with any earphone of your choice (3.5mm jack).
Power switch with light sensor, earphone plug

4. Basic controls within the gadget enables you to adjust the volume, play/pause/answer button and change track button even if you're away from your actual smartphone/iPad. You can't initiate voice dialing though.
compact front view with the functional buttons
5. This can make your wired speakers wireless. Just connect this device to ANY of your speakers with 3.5mm jack

A box of Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset contains the following:
1. Bluetooth receiver SBH20
2. A set of Sony earphones
3. Charger with cable
4. Different sized earphone rubber tips

So there! Thank you dad for this pasalubong! :)

If you're interested, check out the Amazon online shop for that item:

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