Saturday, December 14, 2013

AirAsia Now Flies Direct from Manila to Miri, Malaysia

Me and my sister were two of the many people who flew with AirAsia on their inaugural flight from Manila to Miri, Malaysia. Before, AirAsia flew from Clark. Now, they use NAIA Terminal 4 (the old domestic airport) which is a good thing because it is nearer. If you're planning for a trip to Miri, Malaysia, check out this other post I made: 8 Things You Need to Know About Miri, Malaysia

AirAsia flies from NAIA Terminal 4
AirAsia flies from terminal 4, the old domestic airport. You won't be using the same entrance as the domestic flights. It'll be the door right besides the arrival exit. On our December 7 flight to Miri, Malaysia, we arrived a bit early. Flight time was 2:25pm and we were already there around 11am. When we arrived, the international departure entrance was still closed. There was a guard and he said that the airport employees hasn't arrived yet. We were able to enter the terminal at around 11:40am. First thing was the luggage scan then travel tax payment (P1,620) and airport tax payment (P550). All this one one room so you won't be doing a lot of walking.

As one of the first few passengers to arrive for this international flight, I was the first in the immigration counter line. The immigration officers were not present yet but they said that they are already on the way from NAIA Terminal 3 according to other authorities inside the terminal.
Immigration officers not yet in.
Part of the old domestic airport waiting area. Now the international pre-departure waiting area.

NAIA Terminal 4 International Departure Area Food Stall
We were able to enter the departure lounge around 12noon. Unlike the domestic section of the NAIA Terminal 4, the international pre-departure area has only one stall selling food. Actually, the international section is somewhat half of the old domestic only airport (as seen in the photo). AirAsia cafe is the only tenant here to date but hey, they do sell good food so not bad! We ordered 2 rice meals and 2 bottled waters.

Adobo was very pepper-y (above) but the Korean beef stew was good! (Below)
Check out the other food items they are selling. The cookies are very good as well!

At around 2:30, we boarded the plane and off we go to Miri, Malaysia direct from Manila, Philippines!

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