Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Upcoming Articles on

I had an unexpected blogging hiatus and I just want to update you guys on the upcoming articles here on

- Thinkware FXD700 Car Blackbox Review
- LG G2 Review
- iPhone 5s Review
- More about Miri Destinations, specially the Niah caves!
- Something new from Smart!

Also, me and my wife are working on a new blog. Already bought the URL and we are finalizing the layout / images etc for it. It's more on family / parenting and household. Something far from my niche here in which is more on Lifestyle, food, tech and travel.

Feel free to visit it if you are curious -- (Parenting in the Philippines). It's more about documenting everything and sharing our learnings and important information about parenting and everything that revolves around it.

That's it so far! Happy New Year! God bless!

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Ah! Another winner in the contest! Well, we didn't actually won, but the winner gave the tickets to us. Lucky. :) I share the same sentiments, it's still not 100% ready for tourists. Since we wanted to stick to our tight budget, we had limited options for activities. It's not really a destination for budget travelers yet because there are no convenient public transportation available since everyone who lives there has a car. I wrote a similar post in my blog