Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Inside Fishermall: Photos and Store List

Last weekend, I went to Fishermall to look at what's inside and decided to take some photos as well so I can share it here. It's a nice mall but definitely has room for improvement. The materials used and finishing (in some parts) is not as nice compared to other experienced mall developers like Ayala and SM.

Once you enter the parking, you'll go one level down. Only a few slots are available for parking but once you go another level lower, that's where most of the slots are located. The first level looked like a part of the delivery bay. Somewhat chaotic and the flow wasn't smooth. Upon entering the mall lift from the parking, you'll go through an airport-like metal detector (similar in Resorts World).

There weren't that many shops open yet when I visited. It was spacious but it might be because there weren't much tenants yet. They have lots of available spaces. I find that weird because I have been getting in touch with them to get a slot before they opened. They weren't responding at all. I just assumed that all stalls were taken.

Check out some photos of the Fishermall so you'll know what to expect.
Food Court Area
King Bee Chinese Restaurant
Somewhat reminds me of SM Department store
Similar to Robinson's and SM's concept, this multilevel department store has men's and women's department, kid's section, appliances and housewares and more. The product selection wasn't that extensive and I find the product layout somewhat unappealing. For example, the slippers were displayed in such a way that they were stacked up on each other similar to how I see them in night markets (although fewer in number --by 3s). Other section of the department store like what you see above is neat enough and pleasant to the eyes.

The department store attendants weren't also knowledgeable about the products they sell. I was looking for 'Glass baby bottles' from Avent in the baby section. Staff said that they don't have. Since I have an idea what the box looks like, I tried to look for it and after 10 seconds from the time I talked to the staff, I found it. They have it there after all.

Fishermall's own Snack Bar - Fisher Cafe
I heard that they have a lot of shops inside this mall that they personally own (unconfirmed). I'm sure that this is one of them. This snack bar doesn't match the mall's overall ambiance. It might be because that they lack tenants and they put this up temporarily.

Barbershop and Nail Spa
Baby stuff and toy shops. Baby clothing display in the middle lacks style
Cinema Area -- like a Chinese theater
Cinema Snack Bar
The cinema and the cinema snack bar looks great! I have yet to see if it's nice and comfortable inside. Love the brick wall of the snack bar!

View of Quezon Avenue from the Mall
Chinese New Year decoration inside Fishermall
They also have their own arcade. I'm not sure if this is owned by Fishermall or leased by someone else. It reminds me of Glico's and Whimsyland only, those were better because they were international franchises and this brand is the first time I'm seeing it. This definitely looks like a local brand. Nice but they can improve a lot of things but definitely better than the arcades you can see inside Puregold and Waltermart.

Playland Arcade in Fishermall
'Perya' type of games
Donkey Kong arcade!
Shooting Game
More fair-type Games
Not sure what this does but the lights attracted me
HUGE room for playing PS3! 
Considering that this is their first mall, it's already a good job for a first-timer but I'm sure they can do better. It's not like they can beat the experienced mallers out there who's also constantly improving and expanding their ever growing malls with just this one mall they put up. This mall will definitely be a convenient choice for those living in the Sta Mesa Heights / Sampaloc / Scout area but they really need to improve.

Also, they need to do something with their leasing department. Funny that whenever I call them, they keep on saying to e-mail my intent etc and I've been constantly emailing them since March or April last year 2013 for a slot and last January 2014, they post this.

Anyway, still looking forward to check out their cinemas soon!

Here are the stores I saw (and I can remember) inside Fishermall:*
Baby Zone
Fisher Supermarket
GQ Barbershop
Mind Werks
Nail a holics
National Bookstore (Very limited books, more on school supplies)
Fisher Fashion Store

Here are the restaurants inside Fishermall:*
King Bee

List to be updated constantly. If you have a store inside Fishermall, leave me a comment below and I can add it on the list.

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