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SmartSat Devices: SatSleeve for iPhone, Android and XT Satellite Phone

Today, Smart just launched SmartSat -- their latest satellite-powered communication service for consumers catering to the wider public. I'm sure that you've heard of satellite phones before but you only have a vague idea on what it does. I'll let you know in a bit on how this works and how it will benefit you and what the difference of this device is to the usual mobile phone.
Along with SmartSat, they also launched the devices that you need  to access the satellite phone service -- the SatSleeve for iPhone and SatSleeve for Android. Also, they have a stand-alone satellite phone available if you require a more rugged than stylish satellite phone.

Satellite Phone and SatSleeves
The iPhone version can be used with iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s handsets while the Android version works with Samsung Galaxy S4 units. On the other hand, the XT is a stand-alone sat phone with an IP54 rating. The first number, which is a "5" refers to the shock rating and the "4" refers to the water resistance level. As an example, the XT's IP54 translates to, 5= complete protection against contact, Protection against dust deposit and the 4=Protection from splashed water. Although earlier, they have said that they test the phone by dunking it in a half glass of water, I wouldn't recommend that given the "4" rating. For you to easily relate, a Lifeproof case for the iPhone 5 has a rating of IP68. It means that it has "complete protection against contact, Protection from infiltration of dust" and "protection against complete, continuous submersion in water." The highest level rating you can get is IP69.

The XT if marketed for industrial use and the SatSleeves are more for personal use. The XT has 80 hours of standby time and 6 hours talk time. It also has built-in GPS also where you can send your coordinates every few minutes or  as desired.

SmartSat Packages
Each of those devices is currently priced at Php 38,500 each and includes a special satellite sim with initial airtime credit load of about $225 or around Php 10,000 that is valid for one year. For the detailed costs of the usage, refer to the image below

Using SmartSat SatSleeve
To start using after purchase, simply download the SatSleeve mobile app available in both iOS Appstore and Google Playstore for free. After that, just connect your sleeve to you mobile device and you are ready to use it! You can call anywhere in the world (landline, mobile etc) as long as you are in the following places: Major sea lanes in Asia, New Zealand, Australia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Indian Ocean. 160 countries in total! That is already 2/3 of the entire world and I'm pretty sure that because Thuraya Telecommunications Company is one of the biggest satellite service providers in the world, they'll cover the whole world in the near future.

You can do calls, SMS and data but don't expect it to be ultra fast as you are using satellite services. Expect to spend around $1.536 US dollar per Megabyte. This is already a good price because other satellite services charge $8 per minute! For the speed, it's 60kbps download and 15kbps upload. You can send photos and emails using this service and this is not for bandwidth hungry apps like Youtube.

Since this is using the satellite to get signal, you must have a direct line of sight to the sky and this will not work inside buildings. Although, they are already working on accessories that will enable you to use this device inside structures.

Soon, Smart said that they will be creating a community for satellite phone users so owners can help out during times of need. Smart is also talking to the private sector and different government agencies that can utilize such a device either for rescue or business continuity requirements. Other possible users are those in media, outdoor recreation, seafarers and those in industrial sites.

More info? Visit the SmartSat page.

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