Monday, March 17, 2014

5th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition [Photos- Finland and Canada]

As much as possible, I do not want to miss a single year without going to the Pyromusical competition here in the Philippines. It's usually held in SM Mall of Asia but it was held at another venue one year. Glad that for the past years, they do it on SM Mall of Asia grounds! As I've blogged about the Pyromusical for 2014 as early as November 2013, I had a hard time choosing which country I will watch. If I can only watch it all the countries every week, I would. But because of time constraints, sometimes, I just choose which day I would go.

This year, I was given the chance to watch Finland and Canada. This year was also the first time that I get to watch it up front, by the bay! Usually, I watch by reserving slots on one of the restaurants but this year, I get to try out the VIP / Media section. It was indeed a good spot and highly recommended for photography enthusiasts! There were less blockages and distractions but since it's kind of a free for all, no reserve seating setup, you have to go earlier to secure a nice spot. Basic rule if you want to take photos, bring a tripod. It was impromptu so I wasn't able to bring mine. Thank God Melo of lent me his tripod!

The last one would be this coming weekend, March 22, 2014. It's the closing show of the event so if you still haven't watched ANY, don't miss this. Although from what I've watched this year (Canada and Finland), I loved Canada's display more and for the finale, I've been told that it would be SPECTACULAR. Tickets are still available but don't wait for the last minute. A good spot secured will give you memories of a lifetime!

Tickets can be bought at any SM Ticket Booth, Ticketnet and Ticketworld outlets. Tickets are priced at:
Silver P100
Gold P300
VIP P500
Patron P1,500 -- highly recommended!

Here are some of my photos during the 5th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition (Canada and Finland)
For mobile users, click this link:

Information about each country:

Finland - Oy Pyroman Finland LTD.
They've been in this business for just 16 years yet they've already made their mark in the fireworks industry placing in different competitions and having large scale projects.

Canada - Royal Pyrotechnie
A family run business, they started out as a toy store where they sold small (fire) crackers. They discovered their love for this industry when they joined a competition in Montreal (1967). Since then, they've grown and perfected their craft and is now known as the most decorated fireworks company in Canada. They are the only company who has received the 'JUPITER D'OR' award twice.

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