Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Earn Extra Cash with Sun Business Reseller Program

Other than helping build the ICT capabilities of SMEs, Sun Cellular is now enabling SMEs to earn extra cash by joining the Sun Business Solutions Distribution program. They will get monthly commissions by selling Sun's services, specifically the Sun Message Cast and Sun M2M Data Plans to their network of clients and businesses.

Sun Message Cast is a web-based messaging business application that allows a company to broadcast SMS messages to 1 or multiple recipients across all networks.
• Communicate your latest products, promos or send advisories to your customers or employees in a cost efficient way.
• Easily manage your messages and schedules.

Single-send Feature
- Share your latest products, promos and news to all your customers via SMS with just one click of a button in the Message Cast Application.
SMS Scheduling
- Send an SMS on your preferred date and time.
Official Name Sender
- Advertise your business as you send messages to your customers with your company name as the sender.
Customer List
- Maintain and update your customers' information through a user-friendly interface.

Sun M2M Data Plans are flexible SIM-based data packages that allows business to integrate machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions into their operations. Examples of M2M applications are SIM-based tracking solutions, wireless point-of-sales (POS) systems and wireless ATMs.

Three Variants
- Transport data in three ways - pure GPRS, GPRS with Text Unlimited, and pure SMS
- Transport data solely via the Internet.
GPRS + Text Unlimited
- Transport data through the Internet and unlimited SMS.
Text Unlimited
- Transport data solely with unlimited SMS.

Bacoor Cavite is one of the early adopters of Sun Business Solutions. The LGU recently launched the Strike 24/7 platform. A 24-hour hotline of Mayor Strike Revilla powered by Sun Message Cast that helps the municipality gather and provide relevant information to all constituents.

Experience a firsthand taste of Message Cast’s effect on your business by applying for a short trial now by logging on to Sun Business’ dedicated website, http://sunbusiness.com.ph/, or calling 395-8PRO (776). You can also check for updates by logging on to Sun Cellular’s official Facebook page: facebook.com/suncellularph or on Twitter: twitter.com/suncelltweets.

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