Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cirque Du Bebe: Baby & Kids Fair Deals (March 28-30, 2014)

Being soon to be parents, both my husband and I are very keen in checking baby fairs in the metro. I must admit, we are excited for the arrival of our little one but it doesn't mean that we need to splurge in buying all his needs - hence, we scout for fairs and sale because for sure, there are heaps of great deals that parents and soon-to-be parents will surely love.

Because both of us do have work during weekdays, we only had the chance to visit the Cirque Du Bebe Saturday afternoon and honestly, our main target was the cord banking booths as I was informed by one of their agents that they will be offering a huge discount on this baby fair.

Tickets to Cirque Du Bebe - Admission is free but you will need to register
Both companies having presented to us early March, both husband and I have already had our preferences and we were really praying for guidance and confirmation on the bank we chose. You may also view our comparison of the two blood banks in our other blog: Stemcord-Cordlife Comparison.

Our prayers were answered when Stemcord offered a 20,000.00-discount on the registration fees of cord banking if you decide to bank you child's chord blood with them on the said fair. This is actually made available for the first 100-clients who will be signing up with them. Upon asking their staff, this is actually the first time that they have offered a discount that was big - not to mention you get to have additional Php 200.00 pesos GC c/o Bench and the Project Mom book when you register on the fair. This is actually better than the 12 months 0 interest promo that they are currently offering!

Circus-themed Stemcord Booth
Husband already used the other piece of GC while inside the fair, haha!

Credit card payments are also accepted so for those who wanted to defer payment until the next month's billing and earn points, this is a great opportunity! The initial registration cost of Stemcord is at 55,000 + 7% GST = Php 58,850.00 and we only paid Php 38,850.00.

Cord Blood Collection Kit Inside the Blue Box
If you are already due within the next three months, they will be giving you the blue box already and you will be needing to bring this to the hospital on your day of delivery. For those who will be giving birth in hospitals where they have offices, the contents (blood storage & needles, etc) will be with Stemcord and will be given to you on your delivery day. This is to avoid hassle on the part of the parents of having to worry on bringing additional stuffs.

In addition to this, Bench also offers 1 loot bag for a minimum purchase of Php 3,000.00 with a maximum of 3 loot bags per transaction - in our case we got 3 loot bags. This is actually offered to the first 500 only.
One of our loot bags
Loot Bag Contents - are actually very useful and I liked each one of them!
Another thing, for those purchases that you will be needing to pay at the Bench Counter, their Bench Lifestyle Card is also honored there so you get to ear points too!

You still have today to head to Cirque Du Bebe! I'm sure there are a lot of other good finds for parents and soon-to-be parents out there! The fair is located at The Playground of BENCH TOWER which is at 30th St., cor. Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. It's from 10am until 8pm.

Do share with us the good deals that you found too!

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