Wednesday, March 26, 2014

5 Things You Can Do with a Cheap Android Tablet

Today, Lazada is holding a 1-day only sale exclusive to WeChat users. For just P999, you can get your very own tablet. I bet you're thinking, what will I do with that if I have an expensive Android Tablet or Apple iPad?

Here are 5 things you can do with a cheap "on sale" Android tablet (or your old device at home) that might change your mind and make you want to grab that offer! (Hurry, first 1000 only).

1) CCTV viewer
Because of the many FREE CCTV viewer apps out there, you wouldn't need to setup a viewer on every room in your house. To setup up a viewing area, you need wired cables crawling around your entire house to reach the target room. This is why usually, only 1 room is designated as the CCTV viewing area. With a cheap Android tablet like this, you'll be able to view LIVE CCTV footage wirelessly! It's so cheap that I won't mind plugging it in as long as I want to and worrying I will damage the battery because in the first place, the battery might not last that long anyway. (Internet required to view CCTV wirelessly)

2) Baby monitor
Similar to a CCTV viewer but this time, you can use the Android tablet as the wireless camera. You can now use your expensive Android or Apple iPad to view your baby from another room.

3) Backup device or GPS tracker
Usually, our smartphones doesn't even last a day. There would be times that you really need to use one to check mail or maybe surf the internet. This tablet is small enough to be made as a backup device. You can just leave it inside the car if you want and not worry too much. Heck, with a little twist and creativity, you can even make this a GPS tracker. You just need to know what to install! With a little creativity, you can also have it installed in your own car! Check out this video:

4) Digital photo frame
Remember the time when digital photo frames were a hit? Well, this can be like that too and more! Event organizers can purchase several of this and add this as a package deal to their clients where they can loop a video or show a photo slideshow of the celebrant. This can also be a digital guest book where guests can record a short video message. Your imagination is the limit!

5) Digital menu
Speaking of getting several tablets for events, you can also make this as a digital order taker! It might not be that cheap but you'll be dubbed as the first hightech restaurant here in Manila taking orders via a tablet. Once waiter punches in the order, you can directly send it to the kitchen so they can prepare it. It takes integration but you can just make it as simple as a display menu.

Once you decide you want to purchase, hurry up because this is only a one day sale! This is also applicable to your old devices at home gathering dusts.

More info on the sale here:

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