Saturday, August 9, 2014

Melt SwitchEasy Case for iPhone 5/ 5S

I'm a fan of two opposite color themes -- neon and camouflage. Everyone around me knows this and in fact, my brother just laughed at me because I asked our contractor to paint a small part (side fence) of our upcoming office, snow camo color. I hope it will look good as I am imagining it. Well, this case fills my other favorite -- high visibility neon orange case from SwitchEasy.

The Packaging
Comes in a frustration-free packaging, it details in multiple languages, everything you need to know about the case in a single glance. Included is a microfiber wipe cloth and a screen protector.

The Case
Other than being a conversational piece, the "Melt" design can be seen at the back which offers a three dimension melting effect. This case features a detachable slider design which you can interchange with other SwitchEasy Melt cases to mix and match combinations. The rear part is made up of scratch resistant polycarbonate. While the case comes in two parts, the lower part is mostly rubber ensuring a firmer grip.

The camera portion has a blacked out camera border to reduce reflections when using the camera flash. Take note of this on other cases as the flash will bounce off the case and will create an over-exposed like photo effect. Also, the case is well thought out because it has built-in charging port and headphone jack protectors to prevent dust from accumulating.

If you want a case that will sit flat either facing up or down, this is not the case for you as the 3D design at the back makes it impossible for you to place the phone facing up.

As you know, SwitchEasy is a known maker of mobile phone accessories. I've heard complaints about SwitchEasy case that "doesn't feel right" or has unrefined edges. Take note that there are replicas out there banking on their fame. Better be sure to buy form an authorized dealer as you might get a knock off.

Thanks to Digits Trading for sending this case over.

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