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FREE internet for ALL Smart, Sun and Talk n Text Prepaid, Postpaid & Broadband Subscribers! [Update:Unli Facebook with messenger and Facebook videos]

Earlier today, MVP personally announced that everyone on Smart, Sun and Talk N Text Prepaid will get FREE internet access until November 30, 2014. This is another first as Smart was also the first telco that offered free Facebook access last 2011.

[ Update at the bottom (Updated on 10/03/2014 1:00pm) ]

Daily, the said subscribers can use 30MB worth of mobile data. In a month, it will equate to 1GB of free internet data. If you're using Globe, I've checked that P15 can get you 20MB of internet data valid for two days (You'll be spending 450 pesos a month for 20MB worth of mobile data daily). For Smart, Sun and Talk N Text, these subscribers get 30MB a day, for free.

There's a catch though and it's a fair catch. Users of the FREE internet won't be able to do the following:
Download, stream and watch videos (Youtube, Vimeo)
Use VOIP apps (FaceTime, FaceTime Audio, Skype, Viber, Tango)
Use messaging apps (Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Viber)
Peer-to-peer file-sharing sites and apps like Bittorrent

Of course, telcos earn from calls, sms and data. They would be killing their business if they allowed free messaging app with the already FREE data as well. For Youtube and peer-to-peer, even though they will allow it, you can only do so much because of the free allocated data.

Honestly, 30MB is more than enough for the average user. What can you access with the free internet? A lot of things that are as important or even MORE important compared to Youtube like:
Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.
Read news from CNN, Rappler, ABSCBN or GMA news.
Stream music from Spinnr or other music streaming service.
Shop online (Zalora, Lazada, eBay, Amazon)
Search for information from Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo etc
Send emails using Gmail, Yahoo or your own mail server
Visit your favorite blogs and websites
Use navigation apps like Waze

Before you start complaining, here's the thing. If you are a heavy internet user that consumes a lot of data, this is not for you. It's not made for you and they have other offers that you can get that will better suit your needs. The target market for this is to give FREE internet access to a chunk of Smartphone users who doesn't use mobile data yet on their very capable phones.

(Heavy user? Check out SmartBro plans here:

Imagine how someone would feel if they get a FREE offer like this. One who has a tight budget but really needs to check an email message. One who can afford an affordable smart phone but cannot really afford an internet connection but would want to communicate with his son abroad via Facebook. There are a lot of applications and truly, this announcement today is an epitome of their LIVE MORE tagline.

How to use the FREE internet offer:
All ACTIVE Smart subscribers can avail of the free Internet promo anytime within the promo period. To avail of the service, the subscriber must register daily, by sending FREE to 9999. Registration is FREE. The subscriber will then receive an SMS confirmation upon successful registration.

What if I used up the 30MB free already?
After consuming the said free allocated data for the day, you will be warned and reach a "gate" wherein you decide if you want to continue using and pay or stop. This is a security feature they had in place to prevent unwanted charging of internet fees.

What speed will I get?
This will be area and handset dependent. You can get speeds as fast as what the 4G network can offer in your area. All in all, you can access 4G, 3G, and 2G signals depending where you are.

Update 1:
We have heard that all three networks under MVP gets FREE Facebook after you have consumed your 30MB worth of data. How awesome is that? This will definitely test the network capacity and let's wait for the response from Globe. Let's also wait for the confirmation from the said telcos themselves.

Update 2:
Sun cellular has already confirmed about the free Facebook after the FREE mobile data of 30MB daily.

Update 3:
MVP just announced this:

Even better – free internet now open to ALL prepaid, postpaid & broadband subs of Smart, TNT & Sun #SmartFREEInternet for ALL @SmartCares

On top of this offer, all subscribers can also enjoy “unli” “all-you-can” Facebook access - including sending messages via Facebook messenger and viewing of videos embedded in the social networking site. 

To avail of the free mobile Internet offer, subscribers just have to maintain an airtime balance of at least one peso, or be subscribed to any load bucket/promo. They can register each day, by simply sending “FREE” to the number “9999.” Registration is free. They will receive an SMS confirmation upon successful registration.

Offer extended until January 5, 2015.

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