Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lamido: Buy and Sell by Lazada Philippines

Buying and selling online has been existing since way back when the websites just looked like texts with colors. There are international buy and sell sites like Craiglist and eBay or local sites like OLX and AyosDito. Lamido is the newest player of them all but this guy, although just starting, is backed by the Lazada group which is under the umbrella of Rocket Internet. They also own Zalora, Carmudi, Lamudi, Easy Taxi and other well-known e-commerce and buy and sell websites. Digging deeper, do you know that the Rocket Internet group founders gained visibility through successful investments in Groupon, eBay, Facebook, Linkedin, Zynga, etc? Yes, they are that stable and Lamido buy and sell is their latest baby.

Just like other buy and sell sites, well, you can buy or sell!

Buying in Lamido gives you several payment options:
1) Pay via bank transfer (Deposit direct to seller)
2) Cash on Delivery

But, they added a unique feature:
3) Lamido Safe Pay (Deposit to Lamido)

For pay via bank transfer option, after checking out, you will get an SMS indicating bank account information and contact number of the seller. Send a scanned copy of the deposit slip and send to Lamido. Deliveries then are processed by the seller of the item.

For cash on delivery, you set a meet up with the seller and you meet with them directly where you do the exchange (item - money).

For the third option which is the Lamido safe pay, you have the option to directly deposit it to Lamido. This will make sure that the seller ships the item to you before Lamido releases the payment to the seller. They are acting like an arbitrator in behalf of the seller and the buyer. This is a feature unique to Lamido, I believe.

For more information about buying in Lamido, read their payment option guide.

Selling in Lamido:
Selling requires more information compared to other buy and sell sites. This ensures that the seller is legit and not a fly-by-night operator which makes transactions a notch more secure than others. Sellers are also requested to ship out items within 24 hours and to monitor the status of their shipped items. After that, they are also requested to verify with the customer. In essence, it's more of a hassle for the seller but to tell you the truth, these are necessary measures that are needed to be applied when buying and selling online. For more info about selling, read their selling guide.

Again, Lamido is a buy and sell site. 3 different parties are involved. Lamido, buyer and seller. In all transactions, due diligence is still required because you are dealing with a third party seller and not Lamido itself unlike some of their e-commerce sites such as Lazada and Zalora. Lamido though is making sure that everything will turn out the way they should be and that is why they have security measures in place like the Lamido pay safe option.

Visit their site by clicking this link:

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