Sunday, October 5, 2014

iPhone Tests: How well will it do if burned, freezed, dropped from a building, rolled over by a truck and shot.

Was browsing through some test videos and thought, "has anyone did a fire test already?" Everyone is doing drop test, water test, scratch test etc. Even the famous blender tested devices inside their blenders. Will I gain enough revenue if I did such video to get myself another device? Crazy thought, right? Well, I was surprised on the tests that had already been done when I searched Youtube! I'm not yet that rich and stupid to do these test but as others can afford them, let's just sit back and watch. Check out the tests below:

iPhone 5 VS Toyota Land Cruiser

iPhone 5 VS Gasoline Fire

iPhone 5 launched 200 feet up in the sky

iPhone 5 extreme drop test

iPhone 5s VS Liquid Nitrogen

iPhone 5s VS 50 Caliber rifle

There's a lot more out there but for the finale, remember the hoax message circulating around the internet regarding charging your devices using microwave? Here's what will happen.

Hope you enjoyed!

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