Monday, October 13, 2014

San Marino Tuna Flakes Launched: What's New What's Next Event

Last week, we were invited to attend an event that is far from the usual. It involved a lot of fun activities and some were even daring. I believe that the event showcased on the benefits of having protein in your meal.

Some of the activities that day
As I arrived early, I roamed around the venue first and saw several activities like wall climbing, bungee run, and even flying trapeze. I tried all the other activities except the flying trapeze. I haven't mustered enough power to go through that but thinking about it now, it would have been fun to have tried it out!

Here are some photos from the event;
Sporty setup photo booth
Print your photos instantly by using the hashtag #WhatsNewWhatsNext that day

Our lunch inside the tent before the official launch
San Marino's newest endorser Daniel Matsunaga with the hosts for the day
Free tasting booth that day
That's me on the right. Thanks to FPJJR for the pic! :)

It was fun and good thing I was well rested the night before. I think the protein might have helped also. It was my first time to try wall climbing that day and I am not fit. Luckily, I finished the wall climbing challenge within time limit. The only problem I encountered was rappelling down the other side of the wall -- Also a first timer on that activity!

I had no match for the bungee run because of my built but I did try my best and I was only inches away from touching the "San Marino" sticker goal. You have to attach the ball you are holding around that area or at least touch it. I did succeed in the sticky wall though because of height advantage.

CDO launched the new San Marino Tuna Flakes that day and even the family of the owner was present, including lot's of celebrities and their newest endorser, Daniel Matsunaga. I love the theme of the launch because San Marino Tune Flakes has the highest level of protein to help build strong muscles according to them and the activities that day were meant for that! If only I had eaten more of that stuff before that day.. I would've probably succeeded on the bungee run!

Since I got some free samples that day, I'm thinking of having this regularly at least twice or thrice a week since it's healthier compared to my other breakfast or snacks.

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