Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Food: Protein-Craving from Meat to Fish

Being a meat-lover all my life, I never craved for fish. Ever. In parties, gatherings or family meals, fish was never my favourite. I eat fish. It’s just not my favourite. Lately, I’ve been craving for fish for some reason. Not sure why or if this was influenced by the event I attended last week. There were people roaming around asking us to try the new San Marino Tuna Flakes on top of some crackers. It’s the first time I loved fish!

My snack. Finished an entire can of San Marino Tuna Flakes
A little science: Protein can come from meat, poultry, fishes etc. and do you know that insects contain a lot of protein as well? Unless you want to eat insects, I think the general choice for the most healthy source of protein would be fishes. What we don’t know is that lack of protein can affect our entire body! It can affect our bone cells, red blood cell production, skin elasticity, organ function and even mobility and joint integrity. Adults more or less need around 50-60 grams of protein and pregnant or lactating women needs around 70 grams!

Purposedly displayed my stash of San Marino products ;)
Since we need quick fixes nowadays because we are always on-the-go, I think San Marino Tuna Flakes would probably be my choice of source of protein. I’m not sure yet though how I want it prepared but a little research would surely give me a lot of recipes out there either for snack or breakfast, even lunch or dinner! Care to share your favourite recipes that I can concoct? Share it below the comments section.

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