Friday, November 14, 2014

Contest Alert: Gardenia Cream Roll Text to Win promo

Gardenia cream Roll is the perfect snack that is both affordable and delicious. Your kids will surely love it as their baon because it has 6 cream-filled cream roll varieties:
Cookies and Cream
Choco Strawberry
Rocky Road

Just last night, I was fortunate enough to have a couple of these rolls as I got hungry around 12midnight. It was the first time I tried it and find it really filling! Not only that, it’s already tastefully convenient because it was the creamy fillings inside depending on the flavour you want. It’s easy to carry so you can make it as a baon and it tastes good as well!

Here’s another plus… It just costs 10 pesos!!! You can buy it in "barkada packs" which consists of 4 different flavors for P40!

And…another bonus part. Cream Roll Barkada Pack will be giving away awesome gadgets such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, GoPro Hero 3 Cameras, Samsung 7.0 Tablet and Samsung Dualview Cameras plus other exciting prizes like GCs and bread packages!

To win one of those; Join Gardenia's "Gardenia Cream Roll text to win promo", from October 15 - November 30, 2014. Buy your Gardenia Cream Roll barkada packs to join the contest and text the promo code to 2948.
To find out more about the promo, do visit the following pages:

You may also visit for the full mechanics of the promo.

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