Friday, January 30, 2015

Smart x Disney Partnership (w/ How-to)

Just the other day, I saw Smart post something about Disney. Being a Disney fan even as an adult male until now, I'm not ashamed of it and I even instagrammed the image, followed by multiple searches to know what all that was about. Nothing was announced yet because it was a mere teaser. Until yesterday.

I'm really a fan. I'm trying to visit almost all Disneylands in the world -- I think Disneyland Paris is the only one I haven't visited. With that post, I was wondered if they would have a promo sending their subscribers to even just Hong Kong Disneyland (or maybe the upcoming Disneyland in Shanghai). No, they are not sending people to Paris Disneyland nor Tokyo Disney Sea. But it didn't disappoint me as what they announced can quite be the next best thing, specially for Disney fans and if you have a kid of your own. Their partnership with Walt Disney Company is all digital -- Disney contents! From games to e-books, you can now download them easily at a very friendly rate, in partnership with Gamex.

For Disney fans, here are the instructions on how you can start downloading Disney contents:
1) Visit
2) Sign-up, enter your mobile number and you will get a verification code
3) Key in the code provided
4) Fill out the registration page

To purchase content,
1) Visit (Log-in to your account)
2) Choose the app/item you want to purchase
3) Wait fort he download link via SMS then download

It's as easy as that. Disney is famous for their theme parks but it wouldn't be as famous without the content itself so really, this is the next best thing before your next visit to one of their themeparks! Enjoy co-Disney fans!

If you want to know more, visit:

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